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to the American Embassy Association (AEA)

About Us

The American Embassy Association (AEA) is a nonprofit, self-funded organization governed by its own charter and bylaws and chartered by the Department of State, Office of Commissary and Recreation Affairs (CR).

The AEA employs approximately 20 staff who both manage and undertake AEA operations and is supervised by the Board, which consists of seven members of U.S. Direct Hires and Eligible Family Members, as well as representatives from the Management Office and Community Liaison Office.  

What We Do

The AEA operates a standalone commissary shop and event space near the U.S. Embassy, a mini commissary shop within the Chancery, a fleet of school busses and rental vehicles serving  Mission families, and offers additional services.

Event Space
Commissary Shop
Vehicle Rental

 Our Mission

Our mission is to provide non-government goods, services, and facilities primarily for the benefit of U.S. Government employees and their families assigned overseas.

Get in Touch



Location: c/o #24 Fourth Circular Road, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana

Telephone: +233 302 76 5217


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