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The American Embassy Association (AEA) Commissary is a small retail store that sells groceries and household goods to American Diplomats stationed in Accra, Ghana. The Commissary is an association and as such requires Diplomats to join and become a member. 
The Commissary offers a safe and secure shopping environment in the hopes of enhancing the quality of life for each member. 
On average, the American Embassy Association (AEA) transports 70-80 students to and from school and rents 5 vehicles on a regular basis to members of the AEA. 
The AEA Bus Service operates Monday to Friday and vehicle rentals seven days a week.


Akwaaba! Welcome to the American Embassy Association (AEA) here in Accra, Ghana. We are delighted to have you join our organization and appreciate your membership in this outstanding community. AEA has an important role to play in developing and creating the kind of community we envision for our Mission here in Accra. We are committed to providing the best possible product to our members.

This commissary was commissioned by Ambassador Edward Brynn on May 12, 1998.

Special thanks to Perry Adair, Jud Hamblett, Mac Mackbon, James Lancaster and Joseph Goodwin for all of their work in making this commissary a reality.

The mission of AEA is "to serve our American Community by providing quality goods and services that provide members with a taste of home." We do this through a variety of functions available to our members. The Commissary, Vehicle Rental Service, School Bussing and Other services/Party Support are just some of the services we provide to our members. We are always looking for ways to improve and enhance our programs. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Once again, welcome to Accra and to the AEA. We appreciate your investment in AEA and will work to meet and exceed your expectations.


The AEA Board of Directors

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